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research interests:

In 2000 I was working on my ph.d. thesis concerning the simulation of emotions with Text-To-Speech Systems.
My research was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft by a project about phonetic reductions and elaborations in emotional speech. The main aim of the project was the creation of an emotional database for German and analysis of acoustical correlates of emotional speech.
I was specially involved in the verification of the perceptive relevance of typical features of the emotions by means of speech synthesis.
In order to generate stimuli for my perception-tests I've written a program to simulate emotional speech with formant synthesis - I call it emoSyn

Since working for Deutsche Telekom (until 2018) and now at audEERING my fields of interest are mainly

  • Human-Machine dialog platform architectures
  • Ontology based semantic modeling
  • Emotional Human Machine interaction
  • Automatic speaker characteristics classification
please see my publication list for outcomes.

other stuff

mail: Felix Burkhardt